Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Cobbler" struggle "Zhuge, in June out of the workplace low trap

Thought that with the June arrival of hot weather, the workplace associated with the peak in March, April, May golden period in June of workplace conditions should be good, but in June this year to an all-season career, whether corporate or staff positions flows are into the low, middle and high positions of enterprises is little, you want to switch to higher-paid successfully is very difficult.

But the boss does not see himself as more and more pleasing to the eye, hand the money seven button eight button less and less, so the days can go on forever?

CHR can be sharp professional consultants cases:

Zhang Qiang, a sales manager. With the beginning willing to endure hardship, communication skills, sales into the company to do business. Business for some time into the valley, many of my colleagues have voluntarily resigned. But he insisted that down a little with his constant efforts, performance gradually increased, he was also the boss's attention, was promoted to sales managers and sales staff take the training.

It was a beautiful day, performance, position, salary is very good, he is also very beautiful. But recently he had a hard time, and a rival to the powerful advantages of penetration into the market, killing them one by surprise, the company market share was gradually occupied. They often met to discuss the search for countermeasures, but in the meeting, the boss always intentionally or unintentionally, the irony that he is not strong, occupied the present position does not make any good for the company's initiatives, measures and so did not face problems. And last month, their salaries and wages, deduction, on the left hand of the previous half. This makes his shock.

Then a recruiter said to him good, careful he does not easily react, as hearing a friend say career counselors can help analyze and solve difficulties and can offer effective solutions, so he found a sharp professional consultants can help.

CHR can be sharp professional consultant analysis and recommendations:

According to Zhang Qiang, an expert has done for series of professional ability, professional values, career orientation of the analysis, he is very suited to sales, affinity, language skills, management skills are good. Manager positions with the current quality of our demand.

Zhang Qiang, through our in-depth conversations with experts, learned his current position, his company bosses have lost confidence in him, the company's overall losses are added to the Qiang strong body, cynicism, coupled with a lot of deducting pay, which and Zhang Qiang, where the current position is not consistent with the work, so experts recommend not to yearn Qiang this company, should leave as early as possible.

Good opportunity to use search show, dealing with headhunters, to change jobs in the whole process to seize the initiative, get higher salaries.

Clear understanding of search, "true"

Dealing with the search process, must clearly recognize that search is here to help people on the urgency of your situation is not good compared to the situation of emergency, if the search to find help, no doubt self-exposure to the vulnerable, your search may have been There are mean, but seeing your emergency profile, it will dispel the idea that they attack. So clearly the true face of search, not to search for help, but just right to show his worth, so he found a bright spot on you, make you many of his players inside the top seed, with the main fight you, so your success rate will be greatly enhanced.

Swollen face, full fat

Zhang Qiang is currently out of disadvantage, then such a position must not disclose to the executive search, headhunting is "digging" people, not "help" people, let him think you deserve him to "dig." Look at all times, to search for people who dug his favorite trick with the number, money, beauty and so on. Purpose is one, he felt a strong ability to dig, so you must not let the plight of the company's search to know, that would finish off, no amount of suffering, but also the pharynx in his stomach, 鍝戝反鍚冮粍杩? there hard not to talk.

High profile, raise their social status

In the process of dealing with head-hunters to put their profile high and let him feel your worth is worth continuing to fight him, so that virtually raise their social status, so that their better performance in the capital, so that in such Workplace off-season to win the good jobs and wages, break this awkward position in the company.

Zhang Qiang against the disadvantages of the current environment can be an expert to teach him some sharp countermeasures:

First of all, understand the market information, analysis of market situation and future trends, and to package this understanding into Qiang own unique point of view, while a positive for this view has been recognized with industry, to establish its position in the industry .

Secondly, the analysis of business competitors, will be candidates in the enterprises on the current and potential competitors to analyze, lay the foundation for future interviews.

Third, targeted resume package, not only to make their own glittering search that they have to understand the recruitment unit, and get their approval, CV's "makeup" is essential.

Can be sharp in-one carefully under the guidance of experts, Zhang Qiang has been in dealing with the search of his fingertips and hands from the search of a name to get a corporate sales manager positions recommended. , The experts in the interview process, and pay attention to the details of the problem was guidance on the Qiang. Now he has a smooth riding position of sales manager, and salaries, compared with the previous fan about that.

CHR can cause sharp professional consultants, president and chief adviser, Mr. Bian Bingbin:

Society knock door, different career development cycle should be knocking on different doors, and door to knock, to seek change in constant development, can not be changed to demand its own way, should change in response to change in order to respond quickly and effectively, and timely adjustment.


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