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Electrolux IPDP Manual

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1 IPDP goals and focus

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"Cobbler" struggle "Zhuge, in June out of the workplace low trap

Thought that with the June arrival of hot weather, the workplace associated with the peak in March, April, May golden period in June of workplace conditions should be good, but in June this year to an all-season career, whether corporate or staff positions flows are into the low, middle and high positions of enterprises is little, you want to switch to higher-paid successfully is very difficult.

But the boss does not see himself as more and more pleasing to the eye, hand the money seven button eight button less and less, so the days can go on forever?

CHR can be sharp professional consultants cases:

Zhang Qiang, a sales manager. With the beginning willing to endure hardship, communication skills, sales into the company to do business. Business for some time into the valley, many of my colleagues have voluntarily resigned. But he insisted that down a little with his constant efforts, performance gradually increased, he was also the boss's attention, was promoted to sales managers and sales staff take the training.

It was a beautiful day, performance, position, salary is very good, he is also very beautiful. But recently he had a hard time, and a rival to the powerful advantages of penetration into the market, killing them one by surprise, the company market share was gradually occupied. They often met to discuss the search for countermeasures, but in the meeting, the boss always intentionally or unintentionally, the irony that he is not strong, occupied the present position does not make any good for the company's initiatives, measures and so did not face problems. And last month, their salaries and wages, deduction, on the left hand of the previous half. This makes his shock.

Then a recruiter said to him good, careful he does not easily react, as hearing a friend say career counselors can help analyze and solve difficulties and can offer effective solutions, so he found a sharp professional consultants can help.

CHR can be sharp professional consultant analysis and recommendations:

According to Zhang Qiang, an expert has done for series of professional ability, professional values, career orientation of the analysis, he is very suited to sales, affinity, language skills, management skills are good. Manager positions with the current quality of our demand.

Zhang Qiang, through our in-depth conversations with experts, learned his current position, his company bosses have lost confidence in him, the company's overall losses are added to the Qiang strong body, cynicism, coupled with a lot of deducting pay, which and Zhang Qiang, where the current position is not consistent with the work, so experts recommend not to yearn Qiang this company, should leave as early as possible.

Good opportunity to use search show, dealing with headhunters, to change jobs in the whole process to seize the initiative, get higher salaries.

Clear understanding of search, "true"

Dealing with the search process, must clearly recognize that search is here to help people on the urgency of your situation is not good compared to the situation of emergency, if the search to find help, no doubt self-exposure to the vulnerable, your search may have been There are mean, but seeing your emergency profile, it will dispel the idea that they attack. So clearly the true face of search, not to search for help, but just right to show his worth, so he found a bright spot on you, make you many of his players inside the top seed, with the main fight you, so your success rate will be greatly enhanced.

Swollen face, full fat

Zhang Qiang is currently out of disadvantage, then such a position must not disclose to the executive search, headhunting is "digging" people, not "help" people, let him think you deserve him to "dig." Look at all times, to search for people who dug his favorite trick with the number, money, beauty and so on. Purpose is one, he felt a strong ability to dig, so you must not let the plight of the company's search to know, that would finish off, no amount of suffering, but also the pharynx in his stomach, 鍝戝反鍚冮粍杩? there hard not to talk.

High profile, raise their social status

In the process of dealing with head-hunters to put their profile high and let him feel your worth is worth continuing to fight him, so that virtually raise their social status, so that their better performance in the capital, so that in such Workplace off-season to win the good jobs and wages, break this awkward position in the company.

Zhang Qiang against the disadvantages of the current environment can be an expert to teach him some sharp countermeasures:

First of all, understand the market information, analysis of market situation and future trends, and to package this understanding into Qiang own unique point of view, while a positive for this view has been recognized with industry, to establish its position in the industry .

Secondly, the analysis of business competitors, will be candidates in the enterprises on the current and potential competitors to analyze, lay the foundation for future interviews.

Third, targeted resume package, not only to make their own glittering search that they have to understand the recruitment unit, and get their approval, CV's "makeup" is essential.

Can be sharp in-one carefully under the guidance of experts, Zhang Qiang has been in dealing with the search of his fingertips and hands from the search of a name to get a corporate sales manager positions recommended. , The experts in the interview process, and pay attention to the details of the problem was guidance on the Qiang. Now he has a smooth riding position of sales manager, and salaries, compared with the previous fan about that.

CHR can cause sharp professional consultants, president and chief adviser, Mr. Bian Bingbin:

Society knock door, different career development cycle should be knocking on different doors, and door to knock, to seek change in constant development, can not be changed to demand its own way, should change in response to change in order to respond quickly and effectively, and timely adjustment.


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3G: meat and potatoes or hot potato

Shenzhen has been one month trial operation of 3G networks. It's the preliminary estimates, 3G mobile phones in Shenzhen so far less than 10,000 sales, the "elements" relative Shenzhen more than 1700 million mobile users, the "denominator" is simply not worth mentioning.

Case of cold-market 3G mobile phone industry chain will undoubtedly poured a pot of cold water. In the following interview with reporters found that the 3G industry chain in Shenzhen enterprises will face even more severe, therefore the "Game": adhere to or leave? However, on the other hand, this plague "of national industry," aura of new technology, still others in the industry by enterprises, especially the mobile phone service provider optimistic: "short-term may not be effective, but after the promising large-scale business."

13G Shenzhen freeze mobile phone sales

April 1 this year, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, eight cities as China Mobile TD-SCDMA trial operation and the first commercial test of the city. Mobile TD network (ie 3G network) to No. 157 at the beginning of the first paragraph 3G officially in deep to distribute telephone numbers. In less than 20 days, the mobile company in Shenzhen Futian, Luohu, Nanshan, Yantian, Bao'an, Longgang District 6 Office 118 full service business 3G service area opened to accept applications for 3G mobile phone number and buy 3G business people staggering speed. Shenzhen Mobile said, only the light of Shenzhen Komeito, Ping, the Ping Shan, Kengzi, Kwai Chung, Dapeng, South Australia and other regions "have not yet covered by 3G trial network."

But the unexpected is, TD within one month after the trial to distribute telephone numbers, and other pilot cities, Shenzhen does not respond as expected in the popular. TD trial network in Shenzhen business day, the reporters in Shenzhen Luohu Mobile TD mobile showroom to see the official opening of the exhibition hall of the first three hours, only two members of the public to apply for and buy the 3G phone, showrooms and also the scene does not appear "crowded" scenes (only around a dozen people come to visit).

Reporter found that, while some people come to the Exhibition Hall, is aimed at "opening over," but in the end they are nothing but "sensible" to abandon the purchase. 31 year old civil servant, Luohu District, Mr. Wei said in an interview, in order to become the first 3G "taste crab," who, two months before his specially spending more than 4900 yuan in Hong Kong bought a 3G Nokia N82 mobile phone features, The visit is to "apply for a 3G numbers." But his efforts ended in vain: A staff member told him, because TD is not compatible Nokia mobile phone network, he must also "re-buy the showroom display of mobile phone Cai Xing." Wei hesitated, implicitly answered, "Then I look see."

2 people looking to buy less

Half months later, Luohu District, Exhibition Hall, Miss Chang told reporters TD, since the exhibition hall and opening up, come to consult the 3G business people "very much", "up to two hundred people a day", but in sharp contrast to the real people who buy 3G handsets, "only 78 per day, up to a dozen a day also," less than one-tenth. Recently, this reporter services in the mobile company's new Island Hall Camp (Camp Office, Futian District, one of the main service), King and Merlin Services Office Services business operating room understand that these service operators have up to 67 people the Office come every day to buy 3G phone, at least in the "none."

So far how many people have become 3G users in Shenzhen? In response, Shenzhen Mobile cautious response yesterday, "In the province of the company's unified response received caliber, we temporarily convenient to disclose specific data." Subsequently, the mobile company in Shenzhen, a relevant person in charge privately told reporters, "You can own on-site according to an interview to guess, but we will not disclose statistical data." In fact, as the only TD network construction side, mobile media company related to 3G has been keeping a low profile interviews, it seems to have become "practices."

However, data from third parties seem to have an explanation: CCID Consulting, monitoring and retail companies to disclose the research statistics, 3G network launched in the first 10 days, eight pilot cities of TD terminals only 2,000 more than the total sales volume. Even occupy the largest share of ZTE, has only sold 495.

3 signal instability in the largest "fatal wound"

Why do the media and the government to a "interesting" and "national technology" will be facing the market, "cold"? 3G users may be able to give answers to the answer. Water-fat foods, Shenzhen Shenzhen Li Yongjiang, general manager of the first people to buy 3G handsets, he even chose his new number a lucky number: mantissa 0008. But yesterday he told reporters that some depressed, buy 3G handsets a month, he was "a no through video phone" because the user is too small, "no one to play," "friends are not around to buy 3G handsets, and even Now even my side of the phone on the 3G mobile phone gamers are not interested. "

By the media as "the first purchase of 3G mobile phones in Shenzhen," the public Liu also told reporters: 3G networks often do not signal. Di Wang Building, Bagualing, near the center of the public, and even some mobile service operating room no signal. Another 3G mobile phone users also said Miss Zhao, elevators and parking lots did not signal "yes", the most terrible in the office and home, the signal is not stable in the morning at home can call in the afternoon and evening "life and death aside all blocked up," "fortunately, have not abandoned 2G numbers, or company leaders do in case of emergency dial do not have telephones, not to be fired will be strange."

This, 3G mobile phone users think Mr. Sun, the voice used as the most important function of mobile phones, if the signal is not good, certainly is "fatal." "The biggest difference between cell phones and landlines at all times is that line, the signal instability not have any appeal at all." He told reporters, because of the signal is not good, he is now using 3G mobile phone, you must have to use both 2G phones "standby", it will not only bring "the two mobile phone fees to pay," a burden, so he had to become a "family with two guns," "can be dual-network handsets is only a double, but also nearly 4,000 dollars, consumers choice of space is too small. "

4-utilized public "reason" to treat

Ms. Huang is a 3G mobile-friendly test users, although video and voice calls are free, but she said that their usage of 3G mobile phones "very low." She told reporters, the first signal is still the problem; Secondly, occasional video call, sometimes mosaic; if there is no headset, it "can play can not see, can see or not" (In order to face aligned video camera, must be take the phone from ear to open, is on the phone), see images on the hear the sound. Once the call with another user found the video or is it the. In addition, she's "Complaints" include: phone will occasionally crash. Turn slow. Sometimes Clockwork SMS are unable to pronounce the whole morning to go, but the signals have shown that full grid. Even one day without a phone call, to be recharged at night. Now her phone is on the "utilized" often forget that charge, but in "three days of fishing, and starts" and "half-down" state.

In an interview with reporters, most people interviewed said that "we do not intend to buy 3G phones", because: only 8 cities nationwide network construction, the national roll out and still do not know when to wait until now to buy too too early. Not roaming. Video calls relating to personal privacy (the most mentioned reason for being). At present, only the video call feature, more representative applications can not use the available business too small. Optional handset models too little. Want to change numbers, replacement too much trouble. Too few users. Enough to use 2G, 3G was not interested and so on. A colleague's very "rational" manner, said, "I will wait until at least 30% of people only consider buying a 3G mobile phone use, I do not want to become the experimenter."

All seemed to indicate, 3G network this strange, in order to more young people, learn to accept new things, with strong spending power of Shenzhen, seems to suffer from a "rational" and cold.

This reporter learned that, according to the Shenzhen Municipal Communications Authority statistics released earlier this year, as the country first participated in TD-SCDMA trial network construction in 10 cities, Shenzhen Mobile built TD-SCDMA trial network outdoor base station 1301 , indoor coverage station 578. "Has been completed ahead of 100 million users can provide third-generation mobile communications services test network construction, is now further improve TD-SCDMA trial network coverage." Shenzhen Tong Authority figures released the same day, when the mobile phone subscribers in Shenzhen number is 17392000.

5 mobile phone manufacturers are divided views on 3G

"In fact, I know, China Mobile and unwilling to build 3G networks, but forced to be 'political mission', it had to invest large capital construction." Shenzhen Ming, general manager of a mobile phone manufacturers (a pseudonym) told reporters interview in private that, compared to the other two are internationally recognized and has been applied in some countries 3G standard, W-CDMA standard in Europe, the United States, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA standard is a Chinese self-developed, but obviously in the use of the not mature.

When a reporter about the current 3G mobile phone user acceptance is not too high, another movement has been nominated centralized purchasing, and stated that it will launch no less than 4 this year, 3G mobile phone handset manufacturers in Shenzhen, the responsible person seems to have no choice, "can only said, 3G this matter is still not pure profit perspective from the ... ... because, like manufacturers and operators, but also social responsibility and national responsibility, after all, this is the independent property right, we should support the national industry ... ... "he admitted "At present, the cell phone makers, R & D investment is not small, there is the risk of market reaction, the situation is indeed very difficult and very painful, but in addition to persevere, we have no other way."

According to report, another in Shenzhen, a "rising star," said the handset makers, while mobile phone sales have been among the highest in the peer, but still not short-listed China Mobile's 3G handset tender, the general manager and deputy general manager of the 3G there are differences of opinion. When a reporter said to an interview, a relevant responsible person's response: you want to interview in favor of or against 3G 3G-view? We are in favor of one against a boss. Subsequently, the two CEOs said in an interview, It was felt that "it is a potential, and there is an epoch-making significance of the 'cake', while the market return is not obvious, but should not give up. In any event, the first entrants to the king. "while another argued that the policy is not clear in the Chinese 3G market feedback and immediate results can not be the case, should first wait and see wait and conservative than aggressive good, it No more mature markets, some going into high user acceptance also, not later than, "did not watch many international giants have not yet started operations it?"

6 experts recommend clear policy as soon as possible

Yulong Telecom (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of the Soviet Union's summit on the current 3G phones a bad reason for causing the situation to use, there are five main reasons: mobile 3G networks need to be further optimized; Datang TD standard is technically There need to be perfected; phone and the matching network, running the problem; 3G mobile phone industry chain has not yet matured, many manufacturers hurried phone 3G project, and many manufacturers of technical strength in itself a bit weak, resulting in the phone itself still weak; At the same time is the core of mobile phone chips, while 3G chip itself has also continued to improve the process.

Just finished a press interview on the peak near the Soviet Union, April 30, the most important funding announcement TD chip maker COMMIT strand breaks, a formal cease operation, which undoubtedly gave TD blow. In the COMMIT after the incident, TD Li Shihe heavy father said, TD will continue down the road, but it will be very rough, "Now the development of a TD is not a technical problem, the second is not a product issue, but policy issues. Should out as soon as possible and should not be making out ... ... to see step by step. "Fang Jian agreed that, TD, who live in one of the enterprises," This process is a torture. " Li Shihe even in an industry conference last month called for, the relevant departments should formulate a clear plan for the development of TD, or TD "euthanasia" will soon become a reality.

However, according to this reporter's knowledge, in the present the former State Ministry of Information Industry Ministry has just integrated into the Department of Industry and Information technology in new sectors Neibutiaozheng under unfinished Qing Kuang, TD policy clear Sihu also some "smoke and mirrors" of the taste. An anonymous industry that the Shenzhen, TD success depends primarily on mechanisms, as long as operators can mobilize the enthusiasm of the industry chain development is not a problem. TD "mainly the carriers want to do, would like to do a good job will certainly do a good job, very easy to want to collapse."

China 3G potential

Shenzhen journalists covering multi-operator, handset manufacturer in Shenzhen of experts found that some experts believe that China has a huge market demand for 3G.

They believe that the international scale, the development of 3G in Europe in general better than in Asia (such as Japan, South Korea) to develop, mainly because 3G's "killer" application is not favored in Europe: Europeans are only the cell phone as a tool for voice calls that Asians as a recreational tool incorporated the phone.

Their analysis, China's 3G development will be good, mainly for three reasons: First, because China's large population, has the world's largest telecommunications customer base, currently had more than 550 million mobile phone users. Second, the potential of 3G in China is a huge consumer groups, because no country and nation such as China were keen on intellectual entertainment and leisure activities. Urban and rural areas across the country chess class entertainment, 3G services already provided for the third type of quasi-consumer groups, 3G entertainment services provided by the game will be among the public. Third, China's sports and entertainment facilities are backward, less service, high prices, far beyond the low-income people's spending power, on the middle-income people is extravagant consumption. Low-cost, high-quality 3G multimedia services can also be to some extent to meet people's needs.

This reporter learned that, according to China Mobile's plan, the second round of TD terminal Jicai will begin in May, but the purchase of TD commercial mobile phones will not be used for testing, but all for network testing. TD TD terminal manufacturers and mobile network license if obtained, will be on their own through social channels.

Full Speed overseas 3G

North America North America is the birthplace of CDMA, CDMA camp is also the only continent occupied most of the market share. North America's 3G market has the following characteristics: CDMA2000 camp dominated, by the end of 2007, North America, CDMA 2000 users has reached 134.6 million; income share of non-SMS data services ahead of other regions.

Europe is the birthplace of WCDMA in Europe, many countries between 1999 and 2000 on the release of the WCDMA license. High license fees, to these licensed operators tremendous financial pressure. Plus most of the operators have 2G networks, initially opening of WCDMA commercial networks are very cautious.

Now, full speed the development of the European WCDMA users in many countries, 3G 缃戠粶 outdoor coverage has been basically completed, the current 3G network construction focus of the work has shifted to indoor coverage, adequate coverage driven the rapid development of WCDMA users; After several years of market training, user awareness of the 3G business, greatly increased the demand gradually aroused.

South Korea South Korea is one of the fastest growing 3G. WCDMA is the first in Korea's development strategy of national development requirements, as early as December 2000, the Korean government to release the two WCDMA license to SKT and KTF. Operators to meet the national development strategy, launched pilot projects in some areas, did not make great efforts to develop. But as WCDMA, mature, developed rapidly in the world, South Korean operators have seen their market potential, develop a positive attitude instead WCDMA.

Japan Japan is the world's first country to provide 3G services is also one of the most mature. Japan's 2G user since 2003, reduced the transfer to the 3G users. In 2006, Japan's 3G users than 2G users, marking the Japanese really into the 3G era. As of the end of 2007, 3G users in Japan have been accounted for 82.9% of mobile users. Japan's entertainment business and the 3G business and living close to the rapid development of digital music downloads and mobile payment services as the representative.

The future of 3G "money" King substantial

Although some industry enterprises TD policy is not very critical of further uncertainty, the reporter found that there are some enterprises, especially the value-added content providers is still optimistic about the future development of TD. But they also believed that "this process will be very long."

To SMS Web site known for Guo, vice president of Innovative Linkage wave that for them, 3G "is the opportunities and challenges." He expressed the view that 3G likened to a highway, highway operators to build good, the next step companies need to chain themselves to the street, "Building store." Because the road was built, and to the people will be more business opportunities will be many, but how to find and seize the opportunities, you need to dig their own businesses, "After all, 3G will be a gradual, not overnight."

Shenzhen mobile phone manufacturer, Yulong Feng Su vice president of communications that the phone company, every new technology upgrade is a new historical opportunity and a chance to reshuffle the cards. In this process, new business, the emergence of new use, will be fast-growing business opportunity. Although 3G is not recognized by most mobile phone users, but there are "killer" application, will eventually be accepted by the market: this "killer" application, is "large bandwidth," will bring fresh, a landmark all 3G applications such as mobile video calls, mobile watch phone, cell phone monitoring, streaming media, "because consumer demand for tolerance can be built on top of new applications will eventually bring to market a strong momentum and even dominate the market for promoting the core competitiveness. "

Related information

What is a 3G phone?

3G, all known as the 3rd Generation, in Chinese meaning is the third generation digital communications. In 1995 came the first generation of digital mobile phones can only make voice calls; and occurs from 1996 to 1997, the second generation digital mobile phones will increase the receive data functions, such as receiving e-mail or web page; the third generation of the previous two generations The main difference is the voice and data transmission speed of the upgrade, it can handle images, music, video streaming and other forms of media services including web browsing, conference calls, e-commerce and other information services.

To provide this service, wireless network must be able to support different data transfer speed, ie indoor, outdoor, and driving environment can support at least were 2Mbps (megabits / second), 384kbps (kilobits / second) and 144kbps transmission speed. (This value will change according to the network environment).

TD-SCDMA is China's independent innovation, with its own intellectual property rights of the international 3G standards, people thinks that speeding up the development of TD is building an innovative country, telecom power to create an important strategic measure.


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Lesson: Payment orders I have lost 170 000

Their subscriptions a month ago I found one opportunities sharp stent Buy Philips, a look at the products I sell it immediately to the customer I called and reported the price, the customer called me over time and then Contact.

Customers booking on to, I dialed his phone on time, he replied that expensive, others cheaper than you 23. As long as you have the sincerity to the price hard to say, to you cheaper, as long as I am no loss, we businesses are able to do, I answered, I figured a bit freight, risks and advantages to the customer reported a very competitive price, but due to distance, the customer is not assured, in this case I the price to the lowest level to win a greater advantage, and explain the strength of our company, customers or no response, I called the customer into account only answer,

5 pm, customers to phone, and asked me to look at the company documents to him, of course, no problem, go to work the next day as he would like, the customer saw my company relevant information immediately to the confidence, the price advantage combined strength of the company, the customer is really fond of this time, and the contract passed to me, because our company is the agent of Philips Lighting, Philips, when there was the decision of cargo, Philips is alike, no way to check, so the contract would push for a day.

Monday arrived, and customers are increasingly close to delivery, and 170,000 orders I certainly did not neglect to work the first thing to determine the delivery, then flew to the customer a telephone call, the customer who preach the contract, the contract transfer in the past no return, because of a problem, the other company wanted to import the account section, in order to made the business what problems will be solved, I want to come to the Finance Company in China, our five bank accounts, behold a company account The question is usually money to arrive three days, the Secretary for the course for me to wait before ordering to shipping section, if the replaced personal bank card, you can immediately orders shipped, the customer a feel of personal use of company accounts account bad operation, trouble, but the company accounts for three days arrive, which means his three-day extension of the goods, then told me that the first communication with the higher level of communication. later in connection

As he said, about an hour I called the customer's phone, the customer said to have told a local supplier of signed contracts, nothing, to say a few hung up

After about 5 minutes I was dialing the telephone customers, XX President Hello, this one for you, we had talked so long, so if non-cooperation, it is a pity, I think, as to distance and payments the inconvenience caused in the manner we can think of ways to solve, I'll give you another discount price 0.50 / set (a total of 2600 sets, 65 / set), the customer said that our side is very rapid, if the advantage because we want your result extension of our work does not pay the fine, the fact that we have a local under contract, written agreement can not change, only the next co-operation of the

In this way, I lost 170,000 orders, at this time how sad I am!

Loss of orders is not terrible, terrible traffic is not complete

Maybe you do have such friends, sales experience, my views on the experience I do not know what?

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shopping guide all high-end DVD recorder Raiders

Spring Festival is approaching, is the family reunion and a great opportunity to travel in this beautiful season, we need to record these wonderful moments, so that in the future to increase the enjoyment of the capital.

With DVD burners drop into the thousands, the 2004 DVD burner to replace CD-R / W burner as the general trend. And accompanied by DVD discs in the market price a few dollars in between, DVD burners have become high with the computer you choose to expand storage capacity of the focal points.

Optical storage products currently on the market are: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, COMBO, CD burner, DVD burner five. CD-ROM and DVD-ROM is all very familiar with the product, COMBO are both CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, CD burner, all three functions. As for the DVD burner, it hailed as "the end of optical storage products," the title. Indeed, 700MB of CD-R capacity of the face amount of broadband Shanghai music, video, software, has begun to "flesh is weak", and also with the popularity of DV production of personalized DVD has become a trend. On the other hand, with the optical storage market, increased competition, DVD burners prices are no longer unattainable. The user needs and market adjustments under the influence of double-sided, DVD recorder market has gradually become the mainstream optical storage products.

The specifications of DVD burners are mainly: DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, DVD + R / RW are three. DVD-RW which is in Pioneer, Hitachi, Panasonic and other manufacturers support US-led DVD Forum standards, with excellent compatibility, low cost of discs, but also support the standard DVD video recorder can format to save data, recording the disc can be played on DVD machine. But with the format, slow burning and so on do not support the additional disadvantage. DVD + RW is by Sony, Philips, HP and other vendors-led coalition pushing a standard DVD. So far, the most high-speed DVD + RW burner has reached 8X, 16X optical control chip reportedly also has been developed, then models will also be available. In addition, the computer industry giant Microsoft's next-generation operating system will support DVD + RW, which no doubt enhanced competitiveness. However, DVD + RW standard constraints quickly occupied the market is mainly due to the high prices of their products and discs. As for the DVD-RAM standard, which is from the DVD standard battle dominant Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba jointly developed, and its use of technology from Panasonic's PD (Phase-change Dual, phase change) CD-ROM technology, combined the hard disk, MO part of the storage technology for data storage applications is developed. In view of the suffering specification compliant, since there are compatible with DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM DVD-dual two-standard and compatible with DVD-R/RW and DVD + R / RW DVD-multi two specifications were introduced.

Here we have to introduce several classic DVD burner.

1. Information should DVD-Multi SW-9581 DVD Recorder

Panel Design: The overall style is very simple. On the front panel function keys to set simple and clear, leaving only the lights, emergency exit hole, door eject button.

Specifications: DVD-Multi formats support 2X DVD-R/1X DVD-RW/2X DVD-RAM/8X CD-RW/12X CD-R burning and 12X DVD-ROM/32X CD-ROM read.

Technical performance: 1. DST jitter tracking track seeking technology: reading precision can reach 10-20 below support DMA66 transfer mode, with fast speed reading ability; 2. Li-teh - Solomon error correction decoding technology: to provide data defect management and error-correction techniques, is 16 times the artificial intelligence error correction. 3. Ultra dynamic resonance absorber, to burn down to 46 db of noise.

Bundled products: Ritek Taiwan DVD-RAM disk 1, Nero, Powersuit the one disc burning software, information should fine an optical mouse.
Currently Price: 1699 yuan

Total Comments: This sign is Orbbit LOGO burner, place of origin is Japan, in essence, imported from Japan, Panasonic, and may be the only park to the current market products, and Matsushita is to grasp the strength of the core technology of optical storage One vendor, product quality natural extraordinary. The biggest highlight of the product: The movement of titanium steel, which is currently the only one with the movement of the recorder of titanium steel, titanium steel movement of the application, making this recorder in terms of wear, noise reduction, thermal conductivity , speed of performance on the movement than the current market purity steel burner has significantly improved its service life extension movement than 5 months purity steel.

In addition, this product supports DVD-RAM specifications, can be realized under the Window XP without any burning software you can directly copy, delete, and format, eliminating the need for erasure process as easy as using the hard disk. Product also provides up to 12 months of quality guarantee period, the maximum extent to ensure the user's interests.

2. Pioneer DVR-106A DVD burner

Panel design: simple plain, omitted the headphone jack and volume control knob, leaving only the pop-up button, emergency disc eject hole and work lights.
Specifications: DVD-Dual format, to achieve 4X DVD-R/4X DVD + R/2X DVD-RW/2.4X DVD + RW/16X CD-R/10X CD-RW burning and 12X DVD-ROM/32X CD- ROM read.

Technical performance: 1. Precision Recording Technology: In the rewritable DVD, outstanding performance; 2. Defect management technology: to enhance the recording quality, reduce the DVD disc scratches or dust on the recording quality; 3. Burning power conditioning technology : disc before burning the disc will do analysis to select the best recording power.

Bundled products: eight kinds of software (RecordNow4.6, WinDVD4.0, Ulead VideoStudio 7, recorded record engraved 2, pat carved 2, Simple Backup4.9, DLA4.0, I shape my speed), and 10 Zhang boxed DVD-R disc.
Currently Price: 1599 yuan.

General Comments: Pioneer DVD-R/RW camp leader can be described, this product has consistently followed the pioneering recording high-quality, stable performance characteristics. Dust and the thermal design has performed well. Drawback is that panel design omitted the play button and the headphone jack, which is like listening to CD's of my friends, is very much a regret.

3. Sony DRU-510A DVD burner

Panel Design: This is a very eye-catching shape burners, panel design highly personalized care of the front discs with a layer of white translucent acrylic plastic with silver, added to the sort of fashion colors. Front panel retaining only the back plate key, used the headphone jack, volume control knob is removed.
Specifications: DVD-Dual format, to achieve 4X DVD-R/4X DVD + R/2X DVD-RW/4X DVD + RW/24X CD-R/16X CD-RW recording, 12X DVD-ROM/32X CD-R read.

Technical Performance: "Power-Burn" buffer zone protection technology, equipped with 8 MB cache, maximum reduction of the "Huancunqianzai" error.

Bundled products: SONIC CD burning software (including RecorderNow DX, DLA and Simple Backup software tools such as burning).
Former Price: 1680 yuan

General Comment: As a DVD + R / RW format, the most important advocates, Sony needs to start closer to customers and ultimately launched the DVD-Dual format burner. This product both looks and the performance indicators, performance is very good, only slightly more expensive price.

It is noteworthy that not too much time seeking to buy products cheap, after all you pay for, pay attention to product quality and availability is most important.

In the purchase you should also pay attention to certain details of issues, such as gifts and the disc comes with the quantity and quality, the compatibility of the recorder, usually at Japan's DVD recorder and compatibility; donated burning software is not to be ignored details, DVD burner powerful need to achieve excellent burning software. However, in choosing the best DVD burner products are able to personally experience the products, which can pick out the good stuff.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sina to hold high-level board changes that see the outcome rumors

Yesterday afternoon, Sina Board held in Hong Kong, in time for the 10th (U.S. time on the 9th) released first-quarter earnings before the decision of senior management changes. Yesterday evening, the Board has the end result, however, the reporter learned from Sina, the Board of Directors of the decision results in Beijing on the 10th will be officially announced until the morning. Ups and downs of high-level personnel rumors about Sina announced. Rumors that a three-year term of office of Wang Yan will be the outgoing CEO, together with the section of Wing Kei as co-chairman of SINA to succeed in March to leave Daniel Chiang. President, CEO Wang Yan Chao will take over the place.

Wang Yan return from the front behind the scenes?

"Wang Yan is a man who like Beijing, the atmosphere, sharp, but sometimes not very good temper, not very good mainly he was idealistic, and, towards the familiar man he is demanding." This is a SINA Staff Evaluation of the Wang Yan. He also denied that Wang Yan in the voice of employees is not high Sina rumors. "Sina to the market to profit from the establishment to the present, Wang Yan's figure has been in, including and the Chinese Yuan after the merger, the merger really finishing and operation of people, is Wang Yan." Can be seen that the performance of Wang Yan Sina by staff and senior recognition.

People familiar with Sina evaluation, Wang Yan is an idealist, but Chao was a perfectionist, perfectionist when faced idealists. "They complement each other with that." The person commented.

"Idealist is to manage the overall situation, the implementation of a perfectionist, so, Chao went to the stage is a trend, and the idealists Wang Yan, after the completion of the share the responsibility, to go behind the scenes." The people of that .

"Can not simply inappropriate, said CEO Wang Yan is the class, and Sina from scratch, from small to large, Wang Yan is not only the founder, but a person who has been through one can regard him as a kind of fame, from the back to front, from front to back, or a higher level. "The people who commented on.

Sina began Chao age?

Since Wang Yan in the eyes of many of Sina's image as a hero, then why after another from the president, CEO position, "class"?

Analysts familiar with Sina explains: "Sina has entered an era, and this time the result is a greater emphasis on age, earnings, reports the Times, idealists in the early days, the market early in the establishment of a time when profits are necessary is necessary. But when a business has been out of the problem of existence, gradually into the development time, this time one would need to do a good job, do practical to do practical, more emphasis on the implementation details and the perfect advocates. "can be said that Chao's model is more suitable for the present Sina.

Yesterday, the directors held in Hong Kong "decision Sina ship, the navigator person" meetings, Chao stay in Beijing. To "take over CEO" one said he did not express any opinion.

Four-way high-level executives to when Sina?

The day before yesterday evening, sources said, "from director Chen Xiaotao Stone Sina Department will take over the post of COO." But reporters could not confirm the authenticity of the rumors.

Earlier, news that Sina in the Q1 earnings release before the candidate will announce the new COO. The source said: "The new board of directors from Sina COO that director Chen Xiaotao." Chen Xiaotao also served as executive director of Stone Group Holdings, President. As with the section of Wing Kei Chen Xiaotao Department of the Stone.

Four-way high-level access to Sina management, which has no precedent in the history of Sina. Prior to this, including the section of Wing Kei, including four-way high-level representation only in the Sina board, not management in the office.

Missed the grand re-board

The largest shareholder of Sina grand, entering Sina board is Mr. Chen's long-cherished wish, however, although there were some news travels, Shanda may be sent to participate in Sina, Senior Vice President Di Haibin board meeting, but the official press release yesterday from the director of Sina see the list of current directors Sina section of Wing Kei, Wang Yan, BroadVision CEO Pehong information, Sun Media Investment Group CEO Chen Xiaotao, Walden International Investment Group Lip-Bu Tan, chairman of the Taiwan standard foods chairman Cao Defeng, Doll Capital Management General Partner human Hurst Lin, Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong director Zhang Songyi consultancy company, CITIC Capital Markets Holdings Limited chief executive Zhang Yichen of nine. In other words, yesterday's board meeting in which nine people. The big change is missed the high-level decision-making board of directors, both grand and Sina have refused to comment on this.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Youtube to H264 Utility

It's most popular and very easy to use YouTube tools. helps you Fast download, convert, play, manage your favorite YouTube videos. If you're a YouTube fan, you'll love YouTube tool! is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet. YouTube tool easily: 1. Fast downloads YouTube videos, 2. Supports unlimited simultaneous downloads (a real time saver!), 3. Automatically names the downloaded video the same as the YouTube title, 4. Converts YouTube videos to various video formats, including Video, DVD, VCD, AVI, MPG, MPEG, Divx, Xvid, WMV, RM, RMVB, MOV, MP4, 3GP, SWF, DAT, H264, VOB, Flash, PDA, M4V, 3G2, AMV, CDA, DV,QuickTime, ASX, TV, VHS, FLV, H264, BDMV, MAC, Apple TV, Zune, iPod, PDA, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Blackberry, Wii, Laptops, Printers, Palm OS, Pocket PC, PPC, Treo, Psion, EPOC, iphone.
Supports customize or create user's own profile for any new (portable) device. The video conversion supports preview. About Playing Features. Embedded YouTube Video (Offline) Player is available, it supports offline play YouTube video, .flv video and .swf video. Supports "Drag and Drop" video files direct to the main window. Easy to select the source files. Cool UI skin available. - is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet.